What to expect Sunday nights:

We are a casual group. (And a small one, usually around 15 of us.) Come in, grab a cup of coffee, and settle in. We also have tea, cocoa and hot cider available each Sunday. We invite all ages to participate in our service together.

We start worship at 5 P.M. During this time we'll sing songs together as led by our worship leader. Lyrics are projected on a screen. Our typical worship instrumentation consists of a guitar, piano keyboard, and cajon.

We offer communion elements, a wafer (representing the body of Christ), and grape juice (representing his blood), each Sunday for those who desire to participate.

After our time of song, we share a simple meal together. Generally this consists of a couple choices of soup and bread.

Lastly, we hear a message from the scriptures designed to encourage, challenge, inform and grow us into more Christ-shaped followers.

We love to pray together, laugh together and share life in an authentic, hospitable, and grace filled atmosphere. We look forward to meeting you.